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Logo of Trello Talk (Taco Bot)
Trello Talk (Taco Bot)

Trello Talk is a discord server that serves as a hub for anything Trello! This server also is the support server for Taco, where you can manage your Trello boards straight from Discord!

Logo of Nekos

This guild is home of the one and only Neko Discord bot. We have things like: Testing-channels for all kinds of bots, Nekopara-stuff, Channels to get nekos, kitsunes, holos and also submitting those, 18+ content (nsfw).

Logo of Discord Servers
Discord Servers is home to the largest free emoji list out there in addition to our outstanding Discord Bot list, our Server list, and our Discord Templates list! Be sure to check us out to view the only site you'll need for your Discord server!

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