Privacy Policy

Created 7th August 2020.


  1. General info
  2. What data do we store
  3. How do we use your data
  4. Is your data safe
  5. Request data removal
  6. Contact us
  7. Policy updates

Privacy Tool

You can check you user or server id with the privacy tool to see if we have any of your data.



General Info

Fluxpoint Development is commited to keep your data secure and to respect the privacy of your data so that it may not be misused or be shared with any other 3rd party services unless specified.

Any data we may collect is to be used across our websites and any other services or sites we own such as Discord bots. Continuing to use these services will mean that you accept our privacy policy and terms of use to use your data.


What data do we store

Most of the data we store is only essential to the services we run so that they can work properly, This includes Discord data such as your user id, name, discrim and avatar if you are logged into any of our websites.

We will keep your data indefinitely so that we can provide a better service and to also authenticate you on any of our services with other data such as user or server settings.

Some personal information may be kept if you have submitted them on our website or services such as application forms with emails or Discord bots with profile descriptions.


How do we use your data

We will use your Discord id, name and discrim across many of our services including public Discord bots that we have made and will use your data to display information, stats or images from various APIs whenever you request them to be used.

Any features you use in our bot may also use personal information that you enter in the bot such as account connections or logging and will only be enabled if you request it or if a server admin enables it.


Website data

We use Discord oauth to authenticate users on our websites, This will include your user id, name, discrim that will be stored in our database that can be used in our other services.

Your session/authentication data will be stored as a cookie on your computer and will expire in 7 days or if you logout.


Discord data

Our Discord bots use the Discord API to obtain data and if you use them we may store your user id, name and discrim to be used in the bot.

Any user or server setting that you configure in the bot will also be stored which includes profile descriptions, welcome messages or urls.

You can view the Discord Privacy Policy for more info.


Other 3rd party data

We may use 3rd party services such as Patreon for premium but we do not store any personal information such as names or emails, They will only be viewed and used on the services themselfs.

Some of our services may use for logging issues and errors but this is only data that we have sent and will not include personal info aside from Discord user ids and names.

You can view the Privacy Policy for the 3rd party services we use. Patreon Policy, PayPal Policy and Policy


Is your data safe

Your data is safe and secure on a private server that is managed by us, We also use unique passwords and other forms of security such as 2fa to ensure that no data is leaked or can be abused using admin access.

We do not use any free services such as Glitch to host any of our services or data to prevent unauthorized access.


Request data removal

You can request your data to be removed at any time but this may be effected if you are an old donator, premium user or blacklisted.

The recommended way to contact us for data removal is our Discord server or you can contact me personally Builderb#0001

If you have lost your account we may request additional info or verification to delete your data or if it has been deleted by Discord we will remove all data.


Contact Us

If you have any issues with our services or want to provide feedback you can join our Discord server or email us [email protected]

You can also personally contact me on Discord by adding me Builderb#0001


Policy updates

We may update our privacy policy at any time to correct any issues or support other services we have developed and will update this page with a log including announcements on our Discord server to notify you of any changes.

07/08/2020 | First privacy policy draft

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